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arthritis book list

This is a list of every book I recommend to people newly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis who are trying to learn about their condition and figure out next steps, as well as new books I've discovered that dig into new home remedies and solutions to help those with autoimmune conditions live a happier, healthier life.

These are what helped me learn about what I was going through and how to get started on a journey to holistic healing. 

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start with these

These are the best books about rheumatoid arthritis and healing from autoimmune diseases. Start with these!


Right after you're diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I recommend starting with this book which breaks down the practical steps you need to take to reduce your pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. It also dives into supplements and other lifestyle changes you can make right now. 

Dr. Blum suffers from her own autoimmune condition and runs a clinic focused on holistic healing of rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, so she's an authority in this field. 


Part of the holistic healing process is to begin by examining the mental and emotional side of your life. 

I highly highly highly recommend The Body Keeps the Score to everyone -- not just people who have undergone trauma. 

We've all been through some kind of trauma in our lives -- it's almost impossible to go through life without it! -- and the book makes a connection between unresolved trauma and the triggering of autoimmune conditions.


That's a pretty significant reason to make sure you're healing any mental and emotional wounds as well in this process if you want to also heal your rheumatoid arthritis! 

books about rheumatoid arthritis


Dr. Susan Blum has an entire book devoted to arthritis conditions, focusing specifically on autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. 

What I love about this book is that she gets real with her readers about things like medication side effects and how to manage the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It's a refreshingly honest yet optimistic read, and there's also a lot of great recipes in the end. 

This is a great companion book to her Immune System Recovery Plan, so I would read that first before diving into this one!

books about mindfulness & meditation


Reducing stress is a hard but necessary part of your journey in healing your rheumatoid arthritis. 

I've always found yoga and meditation to be a great way to get in a better headspace, but you've also got to pair a regular meditation and yoga or movement practice with a new mindset and perspective. 

The Untethered Soul is one of my favorite books of all time because it puts things in a perspective I find beautifully refreshing and simple. Highly recommend for anyone trying to come at life from a more grounded, happy place.