the rheumatoid

arthritis supplement list

When it comes to adding supplements into your rheumatoid arthritis plan, it's best to work with your nutritionist and rheumatologist to compile the best plan that works for you. 

These are the supplements that I've tried that work for me to help me overcome the symptoms of RA and feel healthier and full of energy. Check 'em out and double check with your medical team before starting anything, as these are all just the supplements I've used and find the most helpful. 

Also, no supplement can replace a balanced diet! Check out my recipe list for some of my favorite foods. Supplements are meant to complement your existing healthy diet of plant-based foods!

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Below are the daily supplements I take to manage my rheumatoid arthritis and to optimize my body's function. When picking supplements, be sure to pick ones with high-quality ingredients from trusted brands like the below!

A daily probiotic is key to restore your gut health. Because a lot of autoimmune diseases are triggered by leaky gut (rheumatoid arthritis in particular!) restoring gut health should be a priority of yours on your path to healing.

Omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation and are key to heart health. I use Flax Oil instead of Fish Oil because I try to stick closely to vegan supplements for my rheumatoid arthritis.

L-Glutamine powder is another gut-health focused supplement that dissolves in water and helps support healing your gut!

Zinc and quercetin supplements are a one-two punch that help to protect against viruses like COVID and keep your body functioning at a high level. Quercetin is found in apples, and even if you get your apple a day, you can still benefit from this supplement.

Curcumin Tablets (Turmeric Supplement Pills)

Turmeric is this magical compound that helps with all sorts of inflammation, and I try and eat it in everything. But the best form of concentrated turmeric are these curcumin tablets, which help to turbocharge the anti-inflammatory healing properties. 

Vegans in particular need to think about their vitamin B -- particularly if they're lacking in vitamin B12! -- but vitamin B absorption can be affected by a lot of different factors and lead to an array of different symptoms you might not be realizing are because of your B12 levels or other B deficiency. 

There's a huge amount of disputed info about vitamin D supplementation -- especially in COVID times! -- in the medical community. There's been an interesting body of research showing how the medical measures of vitamin D are far too low, and I was put on a 5,000 UI dose of vitamin D to get my levels up. If you have enough vitamin D in your system, new research is showing that viruses like COVID can't stand a chance against you. If you live somewhere without sunlight, you especially might want to consider vitamin D supplements.

Herbal teas are an incredible way to promote natural healing for your body and ward off infection and disease. 

Here are some of my favorite teas that I take to reduce side effects of my medication and promote healing from rheumatoid arthritis!

Nettle tea is an absolute must if you're currently taking methotrexate as one of your rheumatoid arthritis medications. Since nettle can be a bit earthy, I recommend trying it with Manuka honey, which has all sorts of antiviral properties and also helps prevent tooth decay!

For the Nettle tea, make sure you're getting organic. I love this huge bag since I drink nettle tea daily to help reduce inflammation and any side effects of my medication and support my liver.